Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Great Dane

Had to share some pics from today :)

All taken with my Canon 1000D , but note, none were edited.

Meeting Peter Schmeichel was a dream. At the age of 8, I started watching football and I noticed this giant in goal.

That was him.

My first pair of keeper gloves (I play goalkeeper, always have and always will) had his name on it!!!!

I can also say, I've never been "starstruck" until today!!! Went into work at 7am and nervous as hell!!!!

Anyways, the guy is brilliant, so nice.

He will be here for a few days more, catch him this Saturday (27th March) at Carrfour Midvalley , 2pm-3pm or Giant Shah Alam 4pm-5pm.

First Picture

Haven't had time to upload pictures yet,

Here is one tagged on facebook!

Peter Schmeichel!!!!!

More to come soon.



Just a heads-up, Ill be posting something really special to me soon (hopefully by tonight), when I got to meet Peter Schmeichel in the flesh!

He swung by Astro today, pictures and more up later :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mobile Phone Pics

Some random pics from my phone, one of them with The All American Rejects ;)

View from my bed :D

Mobile blogging

Testing this from my mobile...

Celebs And Events

I've been very lucky in my line of work!

Had a chance to be involved with lots of events and I've been able to meet plenty of people!

Here are some pictures

Earth Hour 2009
MTV Awards
Malaysian Idol
Nidji Live In Kl
Event at KL Tower with Natalie
Event where they had a snake. I hate snakes.
Jay Kay!!
Interviewing Jay Kay
Joel Madden
Ben Of Incubus
Emceeing The My Chemical Romance Gig!
Live N Loud
Where You Find Me On Hitz :)
Brandon Boyd!
Rio Ferdinand!
Rio Again!
Rio, Darron Gibson, Darren Fletcher and Nani. I DONT SUPPORT MAN U!!!
All American Rejects
Hannah Tan swung by the studios.
Darron Gibson of Man U.
When I used to host the hitz party with Jin

Random pictures

Some pictures I've taken over the past year or so

This last picture was obviously not taken by me seeing as I'm in it!